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Elidict is the new product in dictation system which assures that the dictations can be easily transferred across a wide network of authorized physicians who have instant access to any time, and from all locations, using any secure web-enabled device.

Dictation Services Simplified

ELIDICT application is designed to ease the dictation process by the doctor for any patient. And also taking care of transcription process either through “Speech to Text” technology or through our backend support (ELITRANS) which is also fully automated.

Pocket Friendly

This IOS and Android supported mobile application is designed to meet all the medical transcriptions services in one go. Availability of choice between auto speech to text conversion or our own experienced and recognised backend medical transcription services using our ELITRANS (Transcription workflow application) or both for more refined output is this App's speciality.
ELIDICT also support's patient scheduling with any EHR on request. Reach us for more customizations.
Ease of Use

All levels of users will find this dictation system remarkably simple to use. A series of easily identifiable options provide instant prominence of each function and each physician can record the dictations at a glimpse

Work anywhere

Mobile option allows you to work effectively from the office, home or while on the move

Built-in Disaster Recovery
Built-in Disaster Recovery through cloud storage, depending upon your choice.
Each Dictation priority can be clearly identified
Automatic updates on newer version
Timely Support Desk help
In-house / cloud-based hosting
Compatible with Android and iOS phones
Available in Play Store and App Store

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Key Features

Save Physician’s Time and Ease the medical documentation Workflow
Quality time with Patient
Speedy Process


Patient Schedule
Audio Recording
Speech to Text
Backend Transcription Services
Approve/Reject Transcribed Text

How it works

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