Denial Optimization Solutions
Tired with revenue leak, let’s move with our tailored DOS
Our Accounts Receivable expertise continuously focuses on enhancing the revenue management and cash flow by reducing the accounts receivable days, bad debt, and other non-contractual adjustments.
AR – Denial optimization solutions

Constantly changing federal regulations, medical necessity, treatment to reimbursement timeline, increased denial rate, lower first pass impose challenges on overall financial performance.

Our laser-focused denial optimization solution is designed to accelerate the overall financial performance.

95% clean claim
Improve net collection rate by 15%
Reduced timely filing limit 80%
Improved first pass
Reduced AR days by 15 days
Robust analytics and reporting

Services and Solutions

Payor/insurance follow-up
Receivables analysis
Collections management
Medicare accounts receivable services
Claim scrubbing and analysis
Self-pay follow-up
Customized Weekly / Monthly Reports
Credit balance resolutions
Medicare appeals
Patient eligibility verification

e-DAx (electronic Denial, AR xpert)

As a core strategy of revenue optimization and financial performance e-DAx is AR based analytical application designed to predict, prioritize and monetize overall denial and AR eco system. 

Predictive revenue analysis
Payer mix analysis
Cash flow analysis
Bad debt analysis
AR days analysis
Rejection and denial analysis
Work flow management analysis
Differential revenue analysis with industry bench mark
Payment posting analysis
Reduced turnaround time for follow up

​​Sterling Healthcare Services provides you with end to end solutions for your healthcare business.

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