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    At Sterling we build relationships for business success. ​​We bring in Six Decades of Business Management to strengthen your Practice at the Operational and Financial level. If you examine your billing support cost as a percentage of overall cost, we can design a operational plan for you wherein we can bring down the cost of operations by a minimum of 30%, so that your operating margins improve significantly. This will give you more leverage to price your services more aggressively in a competitive market. We achieve this through a combination of ​​Process Re-engineering and use of Technology for Automation.

    ​​Upon your interest, Elico Healthcare Services will deploy an expert team your physical location at our cost, to study your existing needs. We undertake to provide you with a summary report that will provide a framework for the decision makers in your organization to analyse our observations and decide how to move forward. We are committed to provide our summary report with out any charges or obligations of any nature.
    At Elico our business model is set up to handle multiple options for our clients. We do process over a million transactions every year. The major specialties presently handled by us include Emergency Medicine, Cardio Vascular/ Thoracic, Interventional Radiology, Pediatrics, Ophthalmology, OB/ GYN, Internal medicine, Orthopedics, Pathology, and Anesthesia.

    Yes, we are experienced in handling old A/R projects within the specified time limit.

    We are a certified BS7799 company and are experienced in data security management systems and processes. We are regularly audited by third party certifying agents.

    Custom reports are generated on request in addition to the standard monthly reports such as net collections report, service analysis report per physician per location, aging report, etc.

    Yes, in addition to the monthly reports, regular compliance audits will be conducted on service documentation based on Federal, State, and carrier specific guidelines. Feedback is given on areas requiring improvement for better reimbursement.

    The migration will be handled our team who understand the business impact of the billing cycle, and have decades of experience in setting up billing process at the Practice, and understand the Payer/ Patient mix to effectively recommend a workflow that will be customized to the needs of the operations. The team constitutes a set of AR specialists, Coders and IT specialists, who can map the existing process, design process changes, and plan the phased migration process that is acceptable to both the parties.

    At ELICO we are flexible in our pricing methods. We price our services with transparency and align with the business manager’s needs of the responsibilities he/she wishes to migrate and continue to keep the critical processes in-house as needed by the Billing company or the Practice. While we do have pricing as a percentage of the Net collections, we have for a large process to be migrated, where we can estimate the number of people required, pricing can be on full-time equivalent basis. Complex work relating to auditing, analytics and compliance projects can be undertaken on an hourly pricing method.

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