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​​Employment opportunities at Sterling Healthcare Services are highly engaging & fulfilling. Individuals are challenged to contribute and grow along a well-defined career path charted out for them. Our Recruitment & Retention Policies encourage individual goals & potential. The company takes pride in its Diversity & Inclusion practices, which are a critical in our recruitment & retention strategies. Internal job postings offer in-house talent to grab newer positions & opportunities. There are numerous instances where new employees have joined and risen up the ranks to senior managerial positions and strategize to lead the company.
Communication across levels

​​Sterling Healthcare Services seeks to foster ease of communication across levels. Our Corporate work ethic ensures we conduct ‘skip-level’ meetings where senior managers interact with line staff & juniors. Information is gathered & concerns are addressed in a timely manner. Employees Satisfaction Surveys are conducted periodically to gauge employee feedback. The culture of continuous improvements in our processes & procedures enables a robust work environment.

Best Practices

Best Practices in Management & Processes are followed at Sterling Healthcare Services. We have defined consistent floor practices as well as individual roles & responsibilities so that there is a definite clarity in what is expected of our employees. Our lucidity of purpose serves to unite cross-functional teams to work towards clearly specified goals to achieve optimal results. At Sterling Healthcare Services, we believe that our employee’s family plays a critical role in their professional growth and so we invite family members to witness their wards at work on special occasions.

​​We are always on the lookout for exceptional talent to join us.

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