Our Knowledge Management System focuses on Weekly training sessions for coders and Auditors, Management, tracking, and reporting of our employee performance. A single repository of client guidelines and processes so we can scale without having to be retrained.

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We adopt a four-layer approach to audits.

  • Case Review by senior coders: Experienced coders will code the document using all available documentation, and they will assign Principal diagnosis, MCC, CC, and Principal Procedure and will group the DRG.
  • Case review by Team leads (Auditor): After the first step, our Team leads/Auditors will audit the accounts coded by senior coders.
  • Case review by QA team: We have a separate QA team for Audit. The QA team is a different vertical, and they will not in contact with the operations team; they will just provide feedback daily to the Business head.
  • Random QA by Internal Audit team: Our Internal audit team will do the Audit for old/current accounts and submit the report to the Business head.

What we solve:

  • Coding backlog: We stake our claim on delivering coding accuracy and promised TAT (Turnaround time) for our clients.
  • Qualified coders: We deliver the certified coding expertise with quality and Turnaround time.
  • Compliance: We strictly adhere to HIPPA policies.
  • Promise: We promise you that our coders will assign more specific diagnosis and procedure codes that will help you to improve your revenue.
  • Help maintain DNFB less than eight days during implementation.


Sterling Health Services partners with both domestic and international clients which includes:

  • Hospitals (Small, Medium and Large Facilities)
  • Hospital Systems
  • Ambulatory Surgery Centers
  • Physician Groups and Offices
  • Hospital Owned Practices
  • Independent Practice Associations (IPAs)
  • Managed Services Organizations (MSOs)
  • Health Plans/Insurance Companies
  • Ambulance services