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Sterling HCS derives its laser-focused maturity in execution by maintaining the highest quality of standards across the organization. We achieve it through the adoption of best practices, established models and methodologies, and an uncompromising approach to ensuring excellence in delivery.

We have developed an excellent quality framework, certified for meeting the requirements of ISO 9001 & BS 7799. We practice the principles of each of these models to ensure processes are delivered according to the SLA’s.

Each of these standards has been designed not only to eliminate defects but also the root causes of errors in business processes to work towards greater efficiency, productivity and accuracy.

We also have well-established procedures in place to regularly obtain feedback from our clients and their end customers. This is another critical element, which helps us measure and continuously improve our stated quality standards.

Sterling’s HIPAA compliant process, along with encrypted connectivity infrastructure & experience in privacy & data security, ensures compliance with all state & federal regulations.