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Our mission is to partner with healthcare providers to maximize the management of the patient records from date of service to billing. We have the people, experience and processes to make your conversion to outsourced coding the best healthcare business decision you've ever made.
Life at EHS

Outsourced medical coding is all we do. We do it very well. By innovating the most flexible medical coding solutions in the industry, we can tailor a coding plan to fit any facility, clinic or physician group. We provides the most advanced Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions to your coding functions and offers you a smooth transition to outsourced coding with no start-up costs.

We have separate Teams for Transition, Operations and QA to understand the client requirements and deliver quality product to the client within TAT (Turnaround time).

Our team closely works with the client to understand their requirements and train our operations team as per client requirements.

For Outpatient and Inpatient E/M charts

For IP DRG charts

Our internal process to extraordinary outcomes

  • Business understanding
  • Process mapping
  • Process evaluation (based on complexity, criticality, cost and risk)
  • Defining of strategic services roadmap
  • Defining Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • Deployment of appropriate processes and technology
  • Re-engineering of migrated processes
  • Implementation and e-risking strategies
  • Transition management
  • Resourcing and training
  • Implementation and evaluation of pilot
  • Assimilation of take-outs from pilot
  • Quality management
  • Delivering productivity, savings and quality
  • Meeting and exceeding SLAs
  • Process and progress reviews
  • Review of road ahead
  • Client side training and deployment

Our Specializations in Coding

Acute Care Inpatient(DRG)
Concurrent coding for Inpatient
Acute Care Inpatient E&M
Observation Services
Ambulatory Surgery
Interventional Radiology
Ambulatory Surgical center
Coding Audit services
Coding Compliance audit
Outpatient Diagnostics
EMS coding services
Ancillary Visits
Physician Office Visits
E&M (Evaluation and Management) Levels
Emergency Department (Professional & Facility) with Charge entry
Recurring and Series Accounts

Select Defined Services


The more we understand your medical coding needs, the better we can meet them. With our unique approaches to coding, we can provide you with the most cost-effective and comfortable method to integrate outsourced coding into your facility or practice.

Elico has a very systematic hiring approach. We conduct written test and Technical interview for each new recruit.

All of our medical coding employees have obtained a bachelor’s degree, and many have masters and post-graduate degrees as well.

In addition to this level of education, we take great pride in ensuring that each new recruit goes through an extensive medical coding training program.

During this process, employees learn all facets of the coding process including learning about the US healthcare system, what happens at the provider’s office, hospital.


We adopt four layer approach to audits.

Case Review by senior coders
Experienced coders will code the document using all available documentation and they will assign Principal diagnosis, MCC, CC, and Principal Procedure and will group the DRG.
Case review by Team leads (Auditor)
After the first step our Team leads/Auditors will audit the accounts coded by senior coders.
Case review by QA team
We have a separate QA team for Audit. This is a separate vertical and they will not in contact with operations team, just they will provide feedback on daily basis to Business head.
Random QA by Internal Audit team
Our Internal audit team will do the audit for old/current accounts and submit the report to Business head.

What we Solve?

Coding backlog

We stake our claim on delivering coding accuracy and promised TAT (Turnaround time) for our clients.

Qualified coders
We deliver the certified coding expertise with quality and Turnaround time.

We strictly adhere to HIPPA policies.


We promise you that our coders will assign more specific diagnosis and procedure codes will help you to improve your Revenue.

Maintain DNFB
Helping to maintain DNFB less than 8 days during implementation.

Who we work with

Elico Health services partners with both domestic and international clients which includes:


Small, Medium and Large Facilities

Hospital Systems


Independent Practice Associations


Managed Services Organizations

Hospital Owned Practices

Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Physician Groups and Offices

Ambulance services

Insurance Companies

Health Plans

Elico HCS provides you with end to end solutions for your healthcare business.

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