Healthcare Analytics

Healthcare Analytics

Revenue Cycle Management Services Industry requires aligning the cost of services to insurance collections outcome. Hospitals, third-party service providers, and physician practices will need new levels of business intelligence tools to identify and correct immediate business issues and to predict and mitigate future impacts to revenue streams.

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Healthcare Analytics

Revenue Optimization:

Sterling HCS provides the necessary data points and knowledge needed to assist our clients in managing their day-to-day operations intelligently, efficiently manage their communication protocols, and, more importantly, to achieve consistent/predictable collection numbers. Our solutions ensure a comprehensive and relevant summary of key metrics designed to improve administrative, operational, and financial performance. Its capabilities enhance the insight across the organization – from insurance calling agents to the executives – to more effectively manage their collection trends, determine actionable insights, and analyze data in a more meaningful way. We believe our tool will assist the end-users in managing their respective functional areas’ achieving more effectively.

Our services may enable our clients to achieve below, but not only limited to:

  • Reduce Practice Management System (PMS) related dependencies: Our platform-independent reporting solutions will assist our clients in getting their day to day reports in a more efficient way. We assist our clients to focus more on statistical interpretations rather than data orchestration.
  • Predict Collection Trends: Our RCM-analytics solutions will assist our clients in predicting weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly collections. System / Metrics-driven approach will help our clients in unlocking their collection challenges and reduces the problems of your in-house BI team.
  • Statistical Inferences: Our inferences may enable the top-level executives to identify trends, provide better directions to their team members, and ultimately helps them to optimize reimbursements.

Please talk to one of our BI team members to develop a customized RCM – Analytics services.