Everyone can answer your general FAQs’ at an operational level, but at Sterling we choose to make a difference at a business level. We are committed to making an impact to your existing bottom line wherein a percentage of your savings becomes our revenue model.

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Sterling HCS welcomes the opportunity to answer any questions you might have about our certified coders or financial analysis reporting.  Additionally, you can write to us at our corporate address or email your concerns from the Queries Section.


How can partnership with Sterling help my Practice/ Billing operations?

At Sterling HCS, we build relationships for business success. We bring in our two decades of proven business management to strengthen your healthcare practice at the Operational and Financial level. If you examine your billing support cost as a percentage of overall value, our cost-savings methodology can reduce operational costs by least 30%. Reducing operational expenses gives you more leverage to price your services more aggressively in a competitive market.

Do I need to make any investment?

Sterling HCS deploys our subject matter experts to assess your current state in a written summary analysis report. Our comprehensive, no-charge report provides critical operational insights for senior executives who wish to move forward with their decision-making team. Call us to schedule a complimentary assessment at your location.

What are the volumes and specialties that you presently handle?

At Sterling HCS, our business model can handle multiple options for our clients. Our firm processes over a million transactions every year. Our core specialties include Emergency Medicine, Cardio Vascular/ Thoracic, Interventional Radiology, Pediatrics, Ophthalmology, OB/ GYN, Internal medicine, Orthopedics, Pathology, and Anesthesia.

Do you handle old A/R projects?

Yes, we have the experience to handle old A/R projects within a client’s specified time limit.

How secure is my data?

Sterling HCS is a certified BS7799 company with substantial experience in data security management systems and compliance. Sterling HCS regularly participates in security audits conducted by third-party certifying agents.

What are the different monthly reports that I get?

Sterling HCS can generate customized reports in addition to our standard monthly reports. Standard reports include net collections, service analysis per physician per location, and aging reports.

Do I get feedback on reimbursement trends?

Yes, in addition to the monthly reports, regular compliance audits will be conducted on service documentation based on Federal, State, and carrier-specific guidelines. Our support team provides the necessary feedback on areas to improve better reimbursement rates.

How do I migrate the process?

Sterling HCS’ well-versed migration team understands the business impact on how the billing cycle can have on the Payer/ Patient mix. We will effectively recommend a measurable workflow that will meet the needs of your operations. The team constitutes a set of AR specialists, Coders, and IT specialists who can map the existing process, design process changes, and plan the phased migration process that is acceptable to both the parties.

What are the different pricing models available?

At Sterling HCS, we are flexible in our pricing methods. We are fully transparent with our fee schedule. Additionally, our teaming approach aligns with the business manager’s needs of the responsibilities. Sterling HCS can assist in the migration process or continue to keep critical processes in-house as required by the Billing company or Practice. While we do have pricing as a percentage of the Net collections, we can discuss if there are complex processes to be migrated. Our team can help you determine the number of people required on a full-time equivalent basis. Projects relating to auditing, analytics, and compliance can be set based on an hourly fee schedule.