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Our In-house developed coding tool and its comprehensive search engine is handy with all your trusted coding resources for instant search and accurate results.

The database of all insurance codes

ELICODES is designed from the inspiration to make the Medical coding easy and user friendly through carefully designed menus, navigation flow, and search options

An edge to the Coders

Our comprehensive online code look up search engine offers compliant and accurate coding results for physician practices, medical coders, and hospitals to improve their coding accuracy for appropriate billing. Elicodes featured with coding tools and lay descriptions of the procedure codes will make your job easy !!!


Comprehensive search

Elicodes powered with comprehensive search option to make the code search easy and hassle-free. 

LCD Search

Assigning appropriate diagnosis can result in successful reimbursements. Validate your diagnosis from Elicodes-LCD crosswalks before you bill a service. 

DRG search

By using our Index search option, find your code easily using few a key words. 

Global Days/Period

Make your billing effective by verifying the global days information from Elicodes for your billed services. 

NCCI Edits Validation

Make your billing effective, successful and compliant with the correct coding guidelines established by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). 


DRG code sets and search allows to search all the details you need (Weights, Mean LOS,….). 

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