Compliance – Healthcare


A well-conceived compliance program can make your institution operate more efficiently, increase the quality of patient care and reduce the chance of future errors. A commitment to healthcare compliance is more than a defense. It is also a key component of modern risk management and a new approach to quality of care.

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Healthcare compliance across the industry is a systematic and documented approach to protect and standardize the confidentiality of Patient health data and mitigate the risk of healthcare fraud and abuse.

As an organization, our skilled and certified compliance officer can sustain the customized compliance need for the healthcare industry.

Organization objectives for compliance

  • Secure and protect patient health data.
  • Adhere with healthcare compliance as per Federal guidelines.
  • To optimize the compliance standard and protocol.

Sterling Compliance Model

Understanding the challenges and strategies associated with the Protection of patient data and proactive reporting is the key to amend the compliance protocol effectively. Our model is based upon the seven compliance standards recommended by the OIG.


Our Compliance Program is differentiated in 7 different stages:

  1. Establish Compliance Contacts.
  2. Draft a written compliance policy.
  3. Provide practical compliance training and refresher every six months.
  4. Ensure effective communication.
  5. Facilitate internal compliance audits every three months.
  6. Amend corrective action plans and measures.
  7. Sustain and control compliance protocol.