Working with Sterling is challenging and fulfilling. Individuals have every opportunity to contribute and grow and have a well-defined career path charted out for them.

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Working with Sterling HCS is both a challenging and fulfilling experience. Individuals have every opportunity to contribute, grow, and have a well-defined career path charted out for them. Our Recruitment and Retention policies encourage individual potential. Internal job posting ensures that existing Sterling’s HCS people are considered first for any new position that arises within the organization. Our middle-level managers have climbed the ladder at Sterling HCS and have a feeling of ownership and commitment to the company.

Communication across levels

Sterling seeks to foster ease of communication across levels. As part of our way of working, we have ‘ skip-level meetings’ where top managers listen to line staff to identify problems, gather information, and take action within 30 days. Our Employee Satisfaction Surveys ensure that feedback from employees is incorporated into our management and processes as we seek to improve our ways of working continuously.

Best practices

At Sterling HCS, we follow best practices in healthcare management and information technology.  Our unified process forges cross-functional teams to work towards clearly defined goals and achieve optimal results.