Analysis & Strategy

Portfolio Analysis and Collection Strategy

Revenue Management is the most significant feature in the business of Healthcare. Our expertise in AR allows us to enhance your revenue management and cash flow by reducing the accounts receivable days, bad debt, and write-offs.

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Portfolio Analysis and Collection Strategy

Our collection strategy team segregates the A/R in the following buckets. Accounts are prioritized for follow-up based on the following buckets.

Within these buckets, we have following teams of payer specializations :

  • Medicare
  • Commercial
  • Medicaid
  • Workers Compensation
  • BCBS
  • HMO

Sterling adapts the measuring techniques based on the tools used in the “Six Sigma” Philosophy.

  • Define

    • Critical To Quality Listing (CTQ)

  • Measure

    • QC Tracker
    • Error Log

  • Analyze

    • Pareto Chart
    • FMEA (Failure Mode Effects Analysis)

  • Improve

    • Quality Feedback
    • Scope for Training

  • Control

    • Standard Operating Procedure
    • Cheat Sheet

AR Approach Methodology

Our approach towards the outstanding AR will set the metrics for the quality audit process to measure the performance of AR deliverables

  • Global trends (Credentialling, Coding & transmission)
  • Outstanding claims beyond Ins Process Period
  • Maintaining the Clean Claim % at 60
  • Segregating the Non-Collectibles
  • High Dollar Value claims

360 Degree Quality Check

Inverted system approach for monitoring the quality of the overall billing system to maximize the revenue